New Addition to the Brood

We’ve added another animal to the brood.


His name is “Chuck” (they were calling him “Claude” at the shelter, but Wendy kept mis-saying it as “Chuck”, so that’s what stuck) and he was a stray with some medical problems. He’s an adult neutered male, and at least part greyhound, so he’s very thin, lean, and fast. The fact that he is part greyhound most certainly worked in his favor in getting to come live with us… You see, one of Wendy’s dear departed pets was a sweet greyhound called Midnight and Chuck resembles Midnight enough that Wendy gave him a second glance, which was enough for Chuck to work his considerable charms on Wendy and convince her to bring him home. Wendy has worked Chuck through his medical problems and we’re nursing him back to full health.

Wendy was worried about how the other dogs (Dolly, Bean, and Buster) would react to the new packmate, but she needent have — within an hour of his arrival, Chuck was laying in the pile of dogs like he’d been with them since he was a pup. He’s a very sweet and gentle guy and a great addition to our family.

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