10 on Tuesday: Ten Interesting Websites

From this site comes this week’s “10 on Tuesday” question… “What are 10 interesting websites you’d like to share?”. Here are mine, in alphabetical order:

  1. AbeBooks — amazing prices on hard-to-find books. I get lots of vintage cookbooks through AbeBooks.
  2. Audible — I love audiobooks, and this is where I get them. If you sign up, mention that “vogelap” sent you!
  3. Blender.ORG — I am not a graphic/3D artist, but if I was, I would use Blender. I support and follow Blender development.
  4. Blue’s News — I am an avid gamer (time permitting). Blue’s site keeps me up-to-date on what’s happing in the gaming world.
  5. eGullet & forum – this is the best food-related site & forum on the web, and is where the pros hang out. So much culinary information it will fry your brain.
  6. EverNote & forum — simply the best note-management (and much more) software for the PC. Check this out — it will revolutionize your information-management tasks. There are both free and paid versions of the software — most users can be happy with just the free version.
  7. I Can Has Cheezburger — LOLcats make me LOL.
  8. Lifehacker — constantly informative, constantly interesting. Great resource for GTD tips & tools.
  9. Over The Rhine.COM & the Orchard — the official website and forum for a wonderful Cincinnati-based band. I run their forums. Songs available here.
  10. SnapStream — home of the Personal Video Recorder (PVR) software that I use. Amazing stuff — throw away your TiVO!

Enjoy these sites! Let me know of your favorite sites in comments…

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