10 on Tuesday: Ten Things You Like to Do When Alone

From this page comes this Tuesday’s question… What are 10 things I like to do when I’m alone? In no particular order…

  1. Cook! I love to cook for/with people, but I also enjoy cooking by/for myself.
  2. Sing along to music
  3. Read. I dream of lounging in a hot bathtub and reading a book, but I never seem to get to the bathtub part.
  4. Be on my computer for a long time — really get involved with working, or gaming, or whatever…
  5. Sleep. Sharing a house with my wonderful wife, five cats, and three dogs, sleeping without someone nestled against me is a rare luxury.
  6. Groom myself — trim the nails, clip the beard, and so on. These are things that no one else should have to see. 😉
  7. Browse my burgeoning cookbook collection, wandering methods and recipes, taking the time to imagine the flavors in my mind.
  8. Watch television. We absolutely LOVE our PVR (it truly changes the way you watch television), but one of the (very) few downsides of this technology is that you end up becoming somewhat of a slave to all the recorded shows waiting for you.
  9. Do laundry & chores. Yeah, I know it sounds weird. I really like being caught up on those items, and don’t want to take time away from Wendy to do them, so I prefer to do them when I’m alone.
  10. Sometimes, I like to do absolutely nothing. Not read, not cook, not watch television, not converse, nor anything else.

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