10 on Tuesday: Ten Things You Love About Springtime

From this page comes this Tuesday’s question… What are 10 things I love about springtime? In no particular order…

  1. Opening the windows in the house to get fresh air in
  2. Brighter mornings (or is that because of daylight savings time?)
  3. Mornings that are cool enough to require a jacket
  4. Afternoons that are warm enough to drive with the top down
  5. Plants coming back to life
  6. No snow!
  7. No more winter coats!
  8. No more grey skies — the clear blue sky is welcome and beautiful!
  9. Waking up to the sounds of birds chirping
  10. The smell of new flowers

0 thoughts on “10 on Tuesday: Ten Things You Love About Springtime”

  • Gosh – I never thought I will say I don’t want no more snow or blue skies either! So glad spring is here *grin*. I should have put in waking up to the sound of birds chirping too. One of the nice things to hear when I wake up 🙂

    I think you have great list here! Happy Ten on Tuesday, and I hope you have good day! 🙂 Here is Mine!

  • I’m with you on the sounds of the birds chirping. For us, I just wish the wild turkeys weren’t also up and gobbling about.

  • i noted some of the very same things. cool.
    its nice to see relentless self-promotion done right. so many people screw it up.

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