10 on Tuesday: Ten Movie Characters You Love

From this page comes this Tuesday’s question… What are 10 movie characters I love? In no particular order…

  1. Ben Obi-Wan Kenobi — Star Wars series
  2. Sam Lowry — Brazil
  3. Ashley ‘Ash’ J. Williams — Evil Dead series
  4. Victim — Closet Land
  5. Chris Nielsen — What Dreams May Come
  6. Inigo Montoya — Princess Bride
  7. Isabeau d’Anjou — Ladyhawke (Michelle Pfeiffer at her most beautiful)
  8. Rocky Balboa — Rocky series
  9. The crew of Serenity (and Serenity herself) — Serenity
  10. Lina — Summer Lovers (she’s just too cute)

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