10 on Tuesday: Ten Things You Hate Doing

From this page comes this Tuesday’s question… What are 10 things I hate doing? In no particular order…

  1. Cutting my toenails
  2. Cutting the grass
  3. Growing older
  4. Having to do something that I know will hurt someone — for example, starting a difficult conversation
  5. Getting dental work done
  6. Singing in public
  7. Getting an injection at the doctor’s office
  8. Bringing the garbage can BACK (I don’t mind taking it OUT, I just don’t like bringing it back (I don’t know why that is))
  9. I tend to dislike (hate is far too strong a word) doing things that I don’t feel confident about (see #6 for an example) especially if I’ve tried to learn how to do it and simply cannot for whatever reason (see #3 for a possible reason), though I am always willing to learn new things (and even fail along the way)
  10. Failing.

0 thoughts on “10 on Tuesday: Ten Things You Hate Doing”

  • I do not want to think about getting older either urgh! LOL – But I also agree with you on # 4, # 8 and # 9……

    Great list! Happy Ten on Tuesday – have great day! Here is Mine!

  • How could I have forgotten dental work – ugh!
    So many trips back and forth.
    And then you hear someone cry out in pain, and half the waiting room empties!
    Thanks for sharing,

  • I’m absolutely with you on the failing thing. If there is even a possiblity that I won’t be successful in whatever I’m doing, I tend to avoid it altogether. (like getting published for instance. *sigh*)

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