10 Things I'd Like to Learn How to Do

From this page comes this Tuesday’s question… In no significant order, 10 things I’d like to learn how to do:

  1. Speak Spanish
  2. Speak Japanese
  3. Speak French 
  4. Be a better writer
  5. Program, at least a little bit
  6. Work less and make more money
  7. Be paid for traveling and dining out
  8. Sing
  9. Dance
  10. Eat anything I want and not gain weight

2 thoughts on “10 Things I'd Like to Learn How to Do”

  • those are all great things to learn..being paid to travel would be wonderful. i cant see that happenning to me anytime soon

  • I like # 7 – I think that be fun thing to do. My sister, I think, job is sorta like this 🙂 Great list though and I find that some I wish to learn too. I hope you accomplished your 🙂

    Happy Ten on Tuesday and I hope you have great day! Here is Mine!

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