10 on Tuesday: 10 Things You Would Do if You Were Younger

Ah, if only I were younger! I’m not sure if the spirit of this meme is to ask “what would I do if I could roll back the clock?” or if it is addressing things I no longer feel I can do since I’m older… Interestingly, this exercise became more the former than the latter for me…

  1. Race sports cars
  2. Be a chef in a professional kitchen
  3. Begin & finish a few more degrees
  4. Start SCUBA diving a lot earlier
  5. Chuck it all and move somewhere — total change of scenery
  6. Travel, travel, and travel! See the whole damned world!
  7. Learn to manage my money earlier
  8. Spend more time with my grandparents, all of whom are gone now
  9. I would have jumped out of that plane!
  10. Be more courageous

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