DINNER 348: Friday, December 15, 2006

After a restless night, I stayed home from work today and just laid around. By the middle of the afternoon I was feeling well enough to try some food, and it managed to progress through in the normal fashion and in nearly a normal timeframe.

Emboldened by this tentative success, Wendy & I split a Tony’s frozen pizza (‘cheeseburger’ flavored — just what we love — something bad for us that tastes like something else bad for us) for dinner and my stomach has been so-far-so-good on that front.

Wendy made fondant and I made 8 quarts of chicken stock this evening. We’re hosting my mother & father and a couple guests for this Christmas Eve, and between now and then, this chicken stock will be defatted, frozen, thawed, reduced, and used in at least two dishes that I’ve got planned for that meal. Details, the menu, and wine pairings (thanks to Gary Boswell) for this meal will be revealed soon. Stay tuned.

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