DINNER 338: Tuesday, December 5, 2006

We went for dinner tonight with Robin and our friend Doug. We decided to go to the IRON HORSE INN for dinner (and to pick up some wine we bought at the last wine dinner). Doug had never eaten there, so we were excited to introduce him to one of our favorite places.

Dinner included Lobster Bisque and their “Stuffed Risotto”, and Wendy & I split a piece of their bread pudding.

After dinner, we all went to Garden Ridge to get a new Christmas tree. We wanted a fake one that was pre-lit and looked better than my old fake tree (think wire hangers with a few pieces of green plastic). We found one and got it home easily. It was remarkably simple to get it set up, too, much to the delight of our cats. The still-unnamed Little White Cat had never seen a Christmas tree (this being his first Christmas) and was delighted to play under, around, and in the tree.

We completely forgot to pick up the wine, too.

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