DINNER 334: Friday, December 1, 2006

Tonight was the first night (of two nights) of the Madrigal Dinner at Kentucky Wesleyan College. This evening is the performance that I attended, and it was very nice.

A brisk night in Owensboro Kentucky was a lovely contrast to the warm, inviting room (well, gymnasium) that had been set for the Madrigal. Approximately 70 singers (currently Kentucky Wesleyan Singers as well as the returning alums (including Wendy)) had lovely powerful voices through a variety of songs, including THE DONKEY’S GIFT by “Doc” himself.

The meal was traditional — mulled cider, salad, carrots, roasted pork with stuffing, freshly-baked bread, and chocolate mousse cups for dessert. Everything was very tasty, and I had good company at our table — the husband and parents of one of Wendy’s friends who was also singing (the two girls were dressed identically the first night!), a couple of locals, and two students (both football players for KWC). The conversation was light and lively and the Madrigal Dinner went far to promoting the holiday spirit.

After the show, a group of the alums descended on O’Charlies for snacks and drinks.

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