DINNER 300: Saturday, October 28, 2006

Dinner before this evening’s performance of the ROCKY HORROR SHOW at Falcon Theater was a run through Taco Bell for a couple quesadillas and one of their awesome Caramel Apple Empenadas.

Between shows, we had sandwiches, chips, and sodas brought in (thanks Ted & Tracy!) so we hung out at the theater.

A bunch of my co-workers from Pigall’s came to the midnight show and hung out for a bit afterward to chat and catch up. Thanks to Jeremy, Rob, Amanda, Richard, Abby, and Luke for coming to the show! I hope you enjoyed it. Thanks also to Chef (who couldn’t make it to the show because he was receiving an award) for letting them skip out on ‘deep cleaning’ to make it in time.

After the second show, several members of the cast and production team went to Perkin’s for a late/early breakfast. Wendy & I got home around 3:30am (even considering the 1-hour time change, it was a late night!).

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