DINNER 285: Thursday, October 12, 2006

I stayed home today so the gas & electric company could come and replace our meters with meters that can be read via radio signal. Apparently, the locking mechanism on the gate to our backyard was too complex for the geniuses at the gas & electric company and they couldn’t get into our backyard to read the meters.

So, after several months of estimated bills and many phone calls from me to them, they agreed to put these radio-readable meters in.

After the guy got the new meters installed, lit the pilot lights and left, I headed down to Cincinnati State to work a culinary class with Chef Galvin. Chef Galvin, Joe, and I worked with 10 guests to prepare an autumn meal. My dinner was leftovers from this meal — fresh fettucini with spinach and mushrooms, pan roasted chicken breasts, and a lovely butternut squash soup with a curry swirled in.

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