DINNER 264: Thursday, September 21, 2006

I had a busy day at work — the first few days of classes are always a bit challenging, with the increased traffic on my commute (both ways), the idiocy of the new drivers (driving the wrong way through the parking garage — I saw a young woman driving the wrong way yesterday as I was walking in from the garage. I shouted, “You’re going the wrong way!,” to which she replied, “I know!”. So I said, “Then why are you doing it?” and she just kept driving. The wrong way!), the ongoing construction (that was supposed to be complete before classes began) in and around our building, the variety of little questions asked by the students new & old, and the regular hectic nature of my workday.

I came home and got most of my chores done — some laundry (though I think I dyed my side towels pink since I threw them in with a red towel), some cleaning, and getting ready for tomorrow. It was a nice surprise that Wendy didn’t have rehearsal this evening, so around doing my chores, we got to spend some time together over dinner and television.

I ate an oniony hamburger and some garlic bread for dinner. Dinner of champions, I know, but I went to lunch with Paul at Skyline yesterday and, since it’s been a while since I’ve had Skyline, it hit my stomach rather hard. On the upswing, I should be back in business by Saturday, assuming I don’t do anything stupid during meals tomorrow.

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