DINNER 252: Saturday, September 9, 2006

For this, our final dinner at Barcelo Maya Caribe Resort, we dined at Don Quixote, their Spanish restaurant. Antonio was our server and did a very good job with us.

We started the meal with two glasses of sangria. Drew had a tapas plate with stuffed squid, baby octopus salad, a manchego cheese ball, marinated mushrooms, stuffed eggplant, spanish rice and peas, and ham and tomato spread on toast. Very tasty. Wendy enjoyed her roasted peppers stuffed with seafood puree. We then enjoyed our shrimp bisque — it was smooth and satisfying, and the fresh-fried crutons on top added a nice crunch. Drew had Blue Cheese Beef Tenderloin with poorly tourneed carrot & potato. The meat was well-seasoned and prepared to a perfect medium-rare. Wendy’s grouper with asparagus, shrimp, and white wine cream sauce with peas was delicious and fresh.

For dessert, Wendy had Triple Chocolate Cake and Drew had Cheese Pie. Antonio told Drew that the dessert was, “Very Spanish”, and warned that “you won’t like it”. He was mostly right… I didn’t particularly care for it — like most desserts, it wasn’t sweet enough to the American taste and the texture was grainy somehow. We had some coffee and then went back to the room to pack.

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