HAPPY MOUTH — August 2006

Tonight was HAPPY MOUTH and it was Holly’s turn to select. Ted, Tracy, Angel, Dave, Robin, Ed, Holly, Jay, guests Rose & Keith, Ron, Wendy, and I met at The Golden Lamb (Ohio’s oldest inn, established in 1803) in Lebanon Ohio. A bunch of the crew went up early to take advantage of the antique stores that are in Lebanon.

At the restaurant, I had an appetizer of country pate with black peppercorns, then an entree of skillet fried chicken, whipped potatoes, and chunky applesauce. Wendy & I split Tina’s Favorite Cake — a warmed slice of pound cake topped with cherries, vanilla ice cream, and whipped cream. Everything was very hearty and good, and we enjoyed being in a private dining room (the Harrison room).

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