DINNER 210: Saturday, July 29, 2006

Today, Wendy & I spent some time in Xenia Ohio with my friend & filmmaker Dan at a reunion party for a movie he wrote, directed, and produced (and which I was in) called TURNING THE CORNER. It was nice to see Dan and the rest of the team and to catch up on what they’ve been doing since the movie.

While we were sitting around chatting, a knock came at the door. Opening it, we found a little blonde lady — Brenda — who had dumped her motorcycle a quarter mile down the road and needed help to get it back up. Eric, Wendy, and I walked down and got her bike, which was fine but flooded, and walked her and the bike back to the party.

Wendy & I took off shortly after to meet some friends at Friendly’s (a trip down memory lane for both of us; it’d been years and years since we’d eaten at a Friendly’s). I had a Fishamajig sandwich and it was just like I remembered it — not very good, but cheap.

After dinner, we all went over to Books & Co. to shop for books — Wendy found another book about Geishas and several books for vacations, and I found HAUNTED and THE GREAT BOOK OF FRENCH CUISINE — before Wendy & I headed home.

Haunted  The Great Book of French Cuisine: Revised Edition

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