DINNER 201: Thursday, July 20, 2006

I was contacted by the chef d’ cuisine at Jean-Robert at Pigall’s to see if I could provide some relief services (ie: work some shifts) while one of the staff goes on vacation or something. As I understand it, I’ll be covering a full station for the nights I’ll be working. I think I’m ready, given a little bit of specific training. The offer was exciting, and I was happy to accept the opportunity. More on that as it develops.

This evening’s dinner was a bagel with cream cheese before heading off to our SALSA class. We’re really enjoying the class quite a bit, and since there were only two couples in the class this evening, we got a lot of individualized attention. I think we’re over the initial learning hurdle and, while we’re still nowhere near good, we’re at least getting comfortable with the steps and are able to put them into combinations now.

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