Life on the Road

Karin & LinfordI asked my friend Karin, lead singer for the band Over the Rhine, how their recent tour was. I specifically said, “How is the road?”, and she replied as follows… 

the road is:long, bumpy, sometimes smooth and straight, but every now and then a slow curve is welcome. it is lonely and yet overcrowded, always interesting and different and still somehow familiar, narrow and harrowing, deadly and alluring. addicting and intoxicating. stimulating and mind-numbing. always going to be there, impossible to ignore, harder to run from, and in my blood.

that was more than you bargained for? =)

damn writers.

I think she summed it up very nicely! I’m glad they had a good tour and made it home safely. If you get a chance to see Over the Rhine, I strongly suggest that you do so.

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