DINNER 190: Sunday, July 9, 2006

Tofu Shirataki NoodlesTonight we decided to stay home and attempt to eat sensibly. Well, sort of. One of my recipes is being published in a local newspaper (more on that later) and the photographer is coming tomorrow evening so I was preparing the recipe this evening. We ate some of my recipe (being careful to leave enough for tomorrow’s photo shoot). Wendy had been hearing about Shirataki noodles and we found some at Jungle Jim’s and bought them. They’re noodles made of tofu and yam flour. The websites all claim it tastes better than it sounds, and they’re right. That’s only because they don’t taste like anything at all. The texture is enough to put you off noodles completely. In fact, the instructions on the package tell you to rinse them a few times if you’d like to get rid of “Shirataki’s distinctive aroma“! Rinse the noodles down the sink and eat the packaging, that’s my recommendation. Yeah, they’re that bad, even if HungryGirl raves about them.

Wendy found a recipe for a low-fat alfredo that she wanted to try. It was (no offense honey) disgusting. Neither one of us could finish our plates (I guess that’s why it’s diet food). I’d sauteed some fresh mushrooms and we ate those with/instead of the alfredo and gross noodles.

So much for dieting tonight!

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  • Are you doing CinCook? I was featured in 2004. It’ll be nice to see a really good recipe for a change– as I’m sure yours is. 🙂

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