How was YOUR cereal this morning?

How was YOUR cereal this morning?

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  • What a surprise to find that this darling photo is on a website of a “foodie” that lives in Cincinnati – because I am a “foodie” that lives in Cincinnati. Someone sent the photo to me last week and I was forwarding it around only to find that the photo didn’t forward. So I googled the title and BING, there it was!
    I’ve had a quick look at your blog – thanks for your help at Chefapalooza, I’ve been on the 7 Days for SIDS committee for 3 years. Hope that you got to make it to the brunch, it was AWESOME. So glad that you liked La Petite Pierre…it’s in my Top 5 for Cincy. You’re right Suzy is a doll, next time you’re there, ask her about when she cooked for Springsteen!
    I’ll surf your site in depth a little later Drew…keep up the great blog!

  • Hi Mary! Thanks for your comment. I’m glad you found my site and hope you enjoy your visits. You’ll find a lot to look at… Be sure to check out the Gallery (you can get there by clicking the link at the very top of the page (above the picture). There’s loads of pictures of all sorts of fun stuff in the Gallery.

    We had a great conversation with Suzy at La Petite Pierre. She’s really nice and the food was very good.

    While I didn’t make it to the brunch (I wish I could have!), I enjoy working on Chefapalooza and supporting a great cause. I hope to continue (and even increase!) my involvement with the event in the years to come!

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