DINNER 155: Sunday, June 4, 2006

We had a fairly busy but pleasant day today. The weather was perfect with beautiful blue skies and very low humidity. We went to the book release party of our friend Rose who just released SO YOU WANT TO BE A MEDIUM?. The party was very nice and Rose was more than happy to sign books for us.


So You Want To Be A Medium?
We ducked out of the party early, though, to relieve Ted who was staffing the Falcon Theater booth at Summerfair at Coney Island so that he could drop by Rose’s party. As stated, the weather was perfect for hanging around the park and talking to people about what’s going on at Falcon. Interest in our theater was pretty high — pages and pages of names are going to be added to our mailing list. Wendy & I enjoyed some nice roasted corn and a funnel cake while we were there. A little after 5:00, we closed down the booth, packed up, and headed north to our neck of the woods.  

Some more shopping this evening. It seems like we live at Wal-Mart, where we stopped to get another bath mat to line Buster’s playpen in our bedroom. He’s a bit of a restless sleeper and his little claws make enough noise to wake us up when he shuffles them on the vinyl of his playpen during the night. The bath mat stops that noise enough that we can sleep with him in the same room with us.

After our shopping was done, we headed home and had LaRosa’s delivered. I had a steak hoagie and Wendy had a deli hibatta. We watched the movie CLOSER and really enjoyed it. Though the characters were each despicable, they were expertly written and portrayed, and we cared about each of them (exactly unlike the characters in RENT about whom we didn’t give a damn).

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