DINNER 148: Sunday, May 28, 2006

We did a bunch of yardwork today, building on some initial work that Wendy had done earlier in the week. We replaced the old-n-busted pavers along our sidewalk with lovely new ones. This involved a trip to Home Depot for the new pavers, all 22 of them. Those things get heavy, and Wendy’s car looked like a lowrider with all that weight in the back. But we got them installed and they look great.

Then it was time to clean up and head over to Jo’s, a regular site visitor, for a Memorial Day cookout. It was a lovely time and the party was well-attended. Jo cooked burgers, hot dogs, and chicken breasts on her grill, and I had a couple tasty Vadalia Onion Burgers.

After the party, we came back to the house to finish up the yardwork projects (I trimmed the bushes in the front — something they desperately needed — and a few other odds-and-ends) before collapsing on the couch to watch the season finale of LOST. Finally some questions were answered, but in true LOST fashion, several more questions were posed. I enjoy the show, but find myself wishing some of the ‘dots’ they’re drawing for us would finally be connected. Maybe in season three.

After dark, we went out to our back yard to do battle with the carpenter bees we’ve been hearing in our eaves. We located a bunch of holes — probably 15 in all — and sprayed some toxic chemical in there. It was gratifying to see the dying bees tumbling out of those holes! We know we dealt a serious blow to the colony, but feel like we’ll probably have to attack them again.

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