DINNER 145: Thursday, May 25, 2006

Wendy got home with Buster this evening (expect an update from Wendy soon) and wanted to go get him a harness to help hold his front end up while he’s outside to potty. She got the idea when she was outside with him at her office this afternoon, and Buster lunged on his back legs to try and greet a puppy that came out.

His rear legs are strong and he’s willing to use them. His front legs are not as strong, and he can control them only a little. We found the smallest harness at our local PetSmart (a medium, which is still a bit too big for him, though it proves the concept) and will get him a small online.

Dinner was Beef Ramen (Wendy had Chicken Tom Yum Mi) from Lulu’s Noodle Bowl and we settled in to watch the season finale of HOUSE.

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