DINNER 134: Sunday, May 14, 2006


Today, we celebrated Mother’s Day by taking the moms (and dads!) to a late (2:00) brunch at the IRON HORSE INN in Glendale. The moms & dads, Ted, Wendy, and I sampled their selection of breakfast and lunch items. Everything from made-to-order omlettes to roasted leg of lamb with mint sauce, and much more. We were just giving Jeff, the manager at the restaurant, a bit of grief because they were sold out of the Lobster Cheese Grits, one of Wendy’s favorites. Jeff let us stew for a moment before telling us that he’d put a plate of the Grits aside for us! He brought out a heaping plate of the grits (he knows us and our appetites), plenty for everyone at the table to get all they wanted. Well, maybe Wendy wanted more… We were so full from brunch that we didn’t eat dinner at all… That was it. Our only meal of the day.

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