DINNER 125: Friday, May 5, 2006

After work today, I drove directly to Newport Kentucky because it’s opening night of Wendy’s show at Falcon TheaterLITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS!

I stopped at Walgreen’s to pick up some Swedish Fish candy for the cast, then headed down to a restaurant that is the theater’s new neighbor — Lightfoot’s. Lightfoot’s, run by mother-and-daughter team of Sandy & Toni, opened its doors today, so I was excited to support them (and hungry too!). They’ve done a nice job of rehabing the interior of the building, which was previously a restaurant but had been closed for several years. The interior looks good, with tables set with tablecloths and candles. I was given the fairly-basic lunch menu from which to order, so I ordered some cream of potato soup, chicken strips, fries, and a couple beers. Their dinner menu is a bit more interesting; offering lobster tails, steaks, and other choices.
The show went very well and the large audience loved it. I’m very proud of Wendy and all her hard work, as well as the work of the cast. After the show, the cast and crew, about 20 of us, went back to Lightfoot’s for post-show partying.

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