DINNER 106: Sunday, April 16, 2006

Happy Easter, everyone!

After a lovely brunch with Wendy’s family at IRON HORSE INN (yes, we were just there last night, and I’ll be there again on Tuesday!), we picked Jay up and headed up to Columbus, Ohio to meet up with Robin & Dave to go to dinner and see the closing night of the national tour of LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS.

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Wendy, Jay, and I arrived early so we went to Barnes & Noble to browse books for a while. We found a bunch of fun stuff to pass the time — a MAGIC EYE book, the complete V FOR VENDETTA graphic novel, and more. After looking around, we headed down to the restaurant — CAP CITY DINER to meet Dave & Robin. Wendy, Jay, and I had eaten at this “Fine Diner and Bar” previously but Dave & Robin hadn’t. We had a very nice meal, sharing a couple orders of Maytag Bleu Cheese Potato Chips before heading into our entrees — I had Crab Cakes, others enjoyed Fried Chicken, a Meatloaf Sandwich, Grilled Salmon BLT, and more. We ordered several side dishes of their Roasted Corn Rissotto, but it wasn’t very good and we sent a lot of it back. Despite eating all that, we still had room to sample a few desserts — apple pie, their molten chocolate cake, and a banana cream pie.

After dinner, we waddled out to the cars to head to the gorgeous Ohio Theater, just a few miles away to see LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS. The Theater is so beautiful that it was a visual delight just to be in the space before the show began. LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS was great fun, and counted as ‘research‘ because that’s the show that Robin, Dave, Wendy, and Jay are currently preparing. After the show, we dodged the 6 semi-trucks that had lined up to transport the show away as we headed home, tired, still full from dinner, and happy.

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