DINNER 104: Friday, April 14, 2006

Since I was home this evening cooking, I laid low food-wise. Dinner was a couple Boca Burgers with cheese, an orange (oranges are so good this time of year! I ate three of them today!), and a big glass of Vitamin D milk. None of that ‘fat free’ milk that Wendy is currently drinking. That stuff is awful, but she’s looking great. Her diet is working, and not really killing her (though she told me she had an “I’m starving” dream last night!). Boca Burgers taste okay, but they smell funny — not like meat at all — and the texture is just …wrong… somehow. They are convenient in my freezer, though, since I bought them for my show but we didn’t actually use them. I’ve got two burgers left; I wonder what I’ll turn to next.

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