DINNER 96: Thursday, April 6, 2006

Tonight, Wendy had rehearsal for her show and I had the night off. I got home, worked out, and planted myself in front of the television and just vegged out. “Vegged out” is a good term because I had a couple Boca Burgers for dinner. These are meatless burgers. They taste pretty good, but the texture is strangely soft and un-meat-like.

After dinner, I worked on getting caught up on some of the shows my PVR has been recording for us… I watched GHOST HUNTERS, TOP CHEF, THE NEXT FOOD NETWORK STAR, AMERICAN INVENTOR, MADE TO ORDER, and some others that I didn’t get to yet — PRISON BREAK, LOST, HOUSE, THE UNIT, and a few others. Not to mention all the movies that we’ve got piling up…

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