DINNER 80: Tuesday, March 21, 2006

I blew it tonight. I really blew it. See, we were supposed to have rehearsal for DINNER WITH FRIENDS, the show I’m directing for Falcon Theater, but we got snow this morning (on the first full day of Spring, no less) and the weatherman was predicting the ‘white death’ all day today. So my brain was a little frazzled from the harrowing commute in to the office.

I wrote my cast an email and said that I’d let them know via email later in the day if we were having rehearsal. And I forgot to confirm that we were, in fact, having rehearsal. And I was away from my desk the entire afternoon, so their calls fell on deaf ears. So, most of my cast took my silence to mean we were not having rehearsal and went about their lives. A reasonable assumption; they are not to blame. If Mike hadn’t shown up accidentally (he skimmed my email) and told me that he’d just gotten a voicemail from Ted saying that he & Tracy hadn’t heard from me and were going to study lines together, I would have spent most of the evening wondering where my cast was. Instead, I borrowed Mike’s cell phone to call Angel & Ted to tell them that I blew it.

I drove home in the increasingly cold snowy weather (first day of Spring, mind you) thinking that since I had a ‘found’ night off, Wendy & I could spend it together, completely forgetting until I walked in that she had rehearsal for HER show this evening. So I sat by myself and ate the last of the leftover pizza. Cold leftover pizza.

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