DINNER 43: Sunday, February 12, 2006

Wendy is tired. She’s been working her job, which is no picnic, and working on IRMA VEP at Falcon Theater for the last 7-8 evenings straight. This morning, she slept in while I went to a morning rehearsal for the show I am directing, DINNER WITH FRIENDS. When I got home, we went out for a few errands before retreating to the house to enjoy some ‘down time’ together.

We watched our the Olympic shows my PVR had recorded (Peter Gabriel sang John Lennon‘s IMAGINE in the opening ceremony. It was a nice surprise to see Peter!) and ordered in from LaRosa’s for dinner. Wendy got a Deli Cibatta and I got a steak hoagie. We split a salad and settled in for a nice evening together.

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