Cool CAT scan of one of our cats

Here’s an CAT SCAN image of our cat Merrick’s head…

You can see his ears and the ear canals (black) going into his skull, and the bony round canal where the important ear stuff sits inside the eardrum. One canal is black and full of air (normal) and the other canal is grey and full of something not normal. We can’t tell if it’s just fluid (a nasty inner ear infection) or if it’s actually a mass (probably benign, but still needs to go) but the radiologist who reads the films will tell us next week. Either way he’ll be OK, but this picture was too cool not to share.


CAT scan of Merrick
Click the picture for a larger view in a new window.

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  • Hey are right! This image is amazing. I certainly hope things go well with Merrick. I know the very best will be done for him!!

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