Happy 70th Birthday, Dad!

My father turned 70 years old on August 14, 2005.

Happy Birthday, Dad! Many happy returns of the day.

We love you.

1 thought on “Happy 70th Birthday, Dad!”

  • what a nice tribute to your dad! my dad’s birthday is in 4 days, and i have no where to say happy birthday, except maybe here and outside somewhere on a run tomorrow, on Sunday. Although we got to know each other more in the last 2 weeks prior to his brain surgery that left him brain damaged and paralyzed than perhaps during my whole life, I miss him anyway. I’m thinking maybe he was at least half as complicated as I am. He was 63 when he died, and I whispered to him as he died in the house, when we were alone in the sunroom for a half hour or so, I whispered, “it’s ok, Dad, Jesus is waiting for ya” It sounded so shocking to say, even in a whisper. Anyway, it’s a Saturday night in October and a cold rain coming down…listening to Over the Rhine…in case somebody reads this some time, if you can, love your dads…their hearts are bigger than they seem.

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