Oh, our poor animals!

Ya know, it’s really hard to be an animal.

Especially one of ours.

For, you see, every now and then Wendy & Drew get a ‘wild hair’ and decide to, for example, buy baby clothes to dress their animals in. And Wendy & Drew bring these baby clothes home, find the one-eyed blind cat, and dress him up in the baby clothes. He doesn’t fuss. He doesn’t fight. He sits perfectly still, but you can tell he’s pissed off because he heats up. His rage heats his little body but he is quiet. Perhaps planning his revenge for some dark night when both Wendy & Drew are sleeping…

Click the picture for a larger view in a new window.

And take pictures. But that’s not the worst of it… Then Wendy & Drew post the pictures on Drew’s website for the world to see.

It’s just not fair, is it?

1 thought on “Oh, our poor animals!”

  • that poor pooky baby it wants a hug plz give it a hug and say sorry for make him mad like that:cry:

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