CICADA INVASION 2004: What you NEED to know!

This may be the most important single post I have ever made for the citizens of Cincinnati.

The deadly and vicious Cicadas are about to invade Cincinnati and we are pleased to announce Cincinnati’s most comprehensive information source about Cicadas, Cicadaville.COM.

Cicadas are deadly and vicious killers armed with lethal venom and flesh-eating bacteria. Their primary nutrition source is human children. The mission of Cicadaville.COM is to reveal the deadly truth about Cicadas so you can protect yourself and your family from these vicious predators.

Most of the information about cicadas in the media is false. Our award-winning team of senior research professionals at Cicadaville.COM has spent almost 50 years assembling the greatest body of cicada research on earth. Rest assured we have uncovered all of the truths about these vicious killers.

So take the first step toward saving yourself and your family by checking out this website.

Follow this link to go to CicadaVille, the only source for the real truth about cicadas.

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