Another System Upgrade & Backup

Today, I removed this site’s ailing motherboard (the PS2 ports, the mouse ports, and the USB ports were all non-functional) to be sent back for replacement.

I replaced it with a Shuttle AK38N motherboard with a 2400 Athlon processor and 512 megs of PC3200 DDR 184 pin DIMM memory. Our BogoMIPS (which you remember is a number indicating how many million times per second your computer can do absolutely nothing) went from 3329.22 under the old configuration to 3997.29 under this new setup.

Everything seems to have installed smoothly. Please let me know if you spot any problems, and enjoy the speedy new system!

I also updated the forum to version 1.30final.

I also performed a comprehensive system backup with a new tool — Acronis TrueImage 6.0. It’s a nice graphical backup/restore utility, but unfortuantely, it’s an offline backup — it cannot be run on a ‘live’ operating system, so the site was down for about 75 minutes during the backup.

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