Diablo II 1.10 Patch RELEASED

drew: Diablo II 1.10 patch available.

CEmery: damn, only 2 years later

drew: Weird, eh?

CEmery: yeah

CEmery: why bother now?

drew: They made some significant changes, but I agree… It’s late.

CEmery: very late

drew: VERY late.

CEmery: Quite late indeed.

drew: Really late.

CEmery: Too late?

drew: Almost too late.

drew: But not quite. Still late, but not TOO late.

drew: A little late, maybe.

CEmery: More than a little late.

drew: WAY more than a little late, really.

CEmery: Yeah

drew: Surprisingly late, I’d say.

CEmery: Late.

CEmery: Surprising at all.

drew: The lateness isn’t a surprise; it’s that it’s so far after the last one.

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