OTR — OHIO release concert, Coney Island, 8-30-03

Review by Dan Temmesfeld

The Over the Rhine show last night… well, it ROCKED.

openers: Griffin House was good enough to plunk down the remaining funds in my wallet for a CD. Children’s House was unique.

Over the Rhine started out the show with “Spinning”
with Nag Champa floating aall around and a sitar’s
notes bouncing through the air.

Yes, a sitar at an OTR show.


All in all, they played a lot of OHIO tunes (except I
don’t know which version of Bothered they played).
All were a rockin’. They also played All I Need Is
Everything, Latter Days, The World Can Wait, When
I Go (solo was bueno), and possibly some others.

The new guitarist for this tour (Paul) was killer.
I liked him a lot. The sitar, 8 different guitars,
xylophone, and Nag Champa-powered Lap Steel… he tore some of the songs up.

K&L… bring Paul back often. He rocketh.


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