A Tribute to OTR — June 27, 2002

“this is not the greatest [concert] in the world… this is just a tribute.”

A review by Dan Temmesfeld.

A Tribute to Over the Rhine
York Street Int’l Cafe – Newport, KY

11 artists, each doing one Over The Rhine cover and one original each.

The orginizer of the event, Ashley Peacock, put together a superb night. The only major malfunction was that York Street didn’t have any Tira Misu on hand… limey bastards!

who played?

  • Shannon Lewis (from Set On Edge)
  • Nathan & Anji
  • Carl Shephard (from Entheos)
  • Mark Cormican
  • Todd Gilbert
  • Chris Flinchbaugh (w/ Kim Nixon)
  • Jessica Aguilar Walker (w/ Ashley Peacock)
  • Ryan Adcock
  • Brownhouse (Kim Nixon)
  • Ashley Peacock
  • Hypersomnia (Jay & Lynzi & friends)

Awesome show all around!! Truly superb, truly no bad performers all night. It was nice to hear everyones’ own stuff mixed in with their versions of one of our favorite band’s songs.

Highlights — There were many, but here are a few…

  • Karin and Linford showed up… It was nice to see them be on the receiving end for a change…
  • Shannon Lewis has a great voice. I must say that his original tune “I’ve Gone Somewhere to Be Alone” is a stunningly beautiful song. I snagged a CD of his shortly thereafter.
  • Nathan… nice bass. I’ve never seen such a fine homemade contraption, but it had a nice sound in its simplicity. I dug it…
  • Carl had a nice voice… I hear he’s a damn good rapper, too…
  • Chris Flinchbaugh’s original tune (which I forget the name of) has some great promise… looking forward to the CD, dude…
  • Ryan Adcock, Brownhouse, and Ashley Peacock all had stunningly great sets. These three artists seemed to have the most professional aura about them. All great stuff…
  • Hypersomnia. Wow. I didn’t know that they were coming down from Michigan for this. I saw them on the list and figured I could lose some sleep to stay for their midnight show ender… Their version of “Murder” on the Tribute CD is my favorite track… Utter rockin’ beauty. Only complaint was that Jay’s vocals on Murder were hard to hear last night. Their 140bpm version of “Latter Days” was also a treat… 🙂

What was played (as I remember it):

  • When I Go (twice)
  • Poughkeepsie
  • Etcetera Whatever
  • Goodbye (This is not Goodbye)
  • Murder
  • Latter Days (twice?)
  • Like a Radio
  • Hej (I Do)
  • Paul and Virginia
  • Bothered
  • … d’oh! Perhaps my brain doesn’t work too well on only 5 hours of sleep… I remember that I liked their original tunes better, though…


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