Illuzzio, or A Man's Best Servant Is Himself!

Is shameless self-promotion acceptable? Only the admin knows for sure… "Illuzzio" a new musical farce by Nicholas Korn and Allen Lindsey (that would be me) opens February 6th at the Aronoff Center's 5/3rd Bank Theatre…

Check out Stage First's website for details on our opening night party at Bella's.

Please come to see the show and I promise to bear your children just as soon as science finds a way. It's brand new, it's funny, it has original music written by a local composer who moonlights as a paralegal, it has Joe Hornbaker fer chrissakes!

Also, give a listen to WVXU this Sunday, 1/26, at 7:00 P.M. if you can tear yourself away from the Superbowl and hear Kathy Springfield and Jackie Demaline forcing Allen to answer questions about the process of writing a musical which he freely admits he knows nothing about.

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