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After the torrent of the holidays, January feels almost relaxing in its frigid stillness. The world begins to feel quiet again, and that is welcome.

My office has been crazy. The start of the new year is the beginning of one of my very busy times which will last for the next couple, two-three months. We’re almost 45% up from where we were two years ago — another record year. That’s wonderful, but it means a heck of a lot of work for all of us!

Some things to look forward to on this site in the coming months…

  • The forums, which are currently unavailable, will be reintroduced with a new look and a maybe even a new focus.
  • A new look for the entire site (instead of this drab brown) is in the works.
  • More updates… Including a Mr. Face update and more about our Punta Cana trip.
  • I’m continuing work on the book for this Content Management System
  • More upgrades and testing of various modules and additions to this site. I’m currently testing a web-based recipe book that may allow users access to my collection of 23,000+ recipes.

As always, I am grateful that you’re visiting this site. I know you’ve got lots of choices for websites, and I appreciate you choosing this one.

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