LANGLEY: Our shame.

Mr. Langley…Your child is missing. Your child is with us. Your child is safe… For now. Click Read more…, below, for more information.

You cannot imagine how bad these last 24 or so hours have been. Roger got mad when we told him we didn't like "REIGN OF TERROR", and he quit the program.

AND he took the Mac. Our latest set of demands, supposed to be at NOON today, got delayed until now. We're sitting here in an Internet Cafe' writing this threatening letter, but we're pretty much out of luck because Roger ALSO took all the great pictures of lil'baby Jesus being terrorized.

This has not gone the way we'd planned. Not at all.

No! I do not want a refill on my coffee! It's decaf, anyway. Regular coffee makes me jumpy. Get away from me.

These darned waitresses keep interrupting me. It's hard to plot your destruction, Mr. Langley, when you cannot get a moments peace to harness your own thoughts!

So, Mr. Langley… What are we going to do about your little king? You've never responded to any of our demands. We're sort of out of ideas here. Do you have any suggestions for us?

I do NOT want a scone to go with my coffee! It's decaf, anyway.

Geez. These people take the cake.

Your next set of instructions will appear at noon (EST) on Sunday, December 15, 2002.

Do not fail, Mr. Langley. The salvation of the world rests upon your decision.

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