LANGLEY: Jingle Bells… All the Way to HELL!

Mr. Langley…Your child is missing. Your child is with us. Your child is safe… For now.

Mr. Langley…We’ve come to understand that it’s possible that you haven’t yet seen our demands. Due to an unfortunate series of technological gaffs, we realize that our demands may not yet have been sent from our computer to yours. We don’t have a printed copy, because we forgot to buy paper for the printer.

Click the image for a larger view.

Yeah, that’s the kid under some Saran Wrap. So quake with fear, you tiny fools!

This is all really unfortunate, but you must understand — it’s our first kidnapping ever. Well, Roger was peripherally part of one when he was in middle school, but that wasn’t really the top-notch kidnapping we’re trying to accomplish here, even though it seems we’ve messed it up.

We feel really badly and embarrassed about the confusion, but we’re using Macs. I’m sure you understand.

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