Contract Signed for PostNuke Book!

Drew Vogel ( is very pleased to announce that he has signed a contract with NO STARCH PRESS ( to write the definitive guide to PostNuke. The book, which is still untitled, will build upon the solid foundation of Drew's Official PostNuke Installation & Getting Started Guide, and offer a greatly expanded look at a variety of PostNuke topics.

This book will be the definitive guide to PostNuke. It will provide a general overview of Content Management Systems, and cover all topics directly related to PostNuke. Everything that a webmaster running a PostNuke system will need to know, from installation, configuration, usage, and maintenance through advanced options such as templating, module programming, and expanding PostNuke will be covered within this book.

A reader that is completely new to PostNuke will be able to pick up this book and become a ‘master' at PostNuke simply by following along to their level of need. The book will walk the reader through each and every step of PostNuke; through installation, configuration, usage, community management — all the way through programming custom modules and understanding PostNuke's API.

The target audience for this book will consist of webmasters, companies, and individuals who wish to run a CMS-type website using PostNuke. Readers will purchase this book because of its clear, informative, informal writing style, complete information, and the logical progression from topic to topic through levels of complexity. They will appreciate this volume because it is complete, comprehensive, and targeted at the high-novice to high-moderate technical skill levels. This book will provide the most complete, current, easy-to-understand, and useful information about PostNuke.

Some of the book's topics will be: An Overview of Content Management Systems, The History of PostNuke, System Requirements, Installation, Configuration, Advanced Configuration, Multi-Site configuration, Managing Content, Expanding & Modifying PostNuke, Customizing PostNuke, Long-term Considerations for Running a CMS-based Website, On-line Community Development, PostNuke Theme Development, Programming for PostNuke (understanding the Application Programming Interface (API) and Module Development Guide (MDG)), and PostNuke Administration.

This book will be available through the usual retail channels and online vendors to coincide with the non-beta release of PostNuke.

Drew Vogel was educated at Northern Kentucky University, where in 1991 he earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre with Directing & Performance Emphasis. Additional areas of study include English Composition & Literature, with an area of concentration on Shakespearean literature. He lives in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Drew's goal in writing this book is to bridge the knowledge gap between 'using PostNuke' and PostNuke 'enlightenment'. A reader with limited webmastering experience can pick up this book, and, after reading it, become an expert in using PostNuke.

Mr. Vogel is the author of the Official PostNuke Installation & Getting Started Guide, which will be distributed with future versions of PostNuke; and is the Leader of the PostNuke Documentation Team.

Throughout the years, Drew has written documentation for a variety of software products, though none have been published outside of the product's box. During BBS days, Drew wrote documentation for products such as AreaFix (R. Miranda), Elysium Graphical Editor (C. Brown), and Star-Net/Paragon BBS software (J. Radoff). Drew provided editorial services for the manual for Derek Smart's Battlecruiser 3000AD v2.0 (I know, I know). Additionally, he has written the documentation for his office's internal relational database called RxSIS (Pharmacy Student Information Service).

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