Tribute CD — ALL Orders Shipped!

"WHAT IT TAKES TO PLEASE YOU", a Tribute to Over the Rhine, has been released.

Thanks to the hard work of Drew Vogel and … well, JUST Drew Vogel, ALL orders placed prior to 11-Jan-02 at 9:30am for the Tribute CD have been shipped. Every single one.

The first copies were sent to the contributors on January 8th. If contributor had ordered additional copies (besides the free one you received for being part of the project), the additional copies were sent out on January 11 with the rest of the orders.

Everyone that pre-ordered: Thank you so much for your faith in this project. Your contribution enabled me to get this done, and I could not have done it without you.

To those that haven’t ordered yet: Now is the time! I’m fully stocked, well-prepared, and your order will be shipped the NEXT DAY (after funds clear, of course). Check the project page for ordering information.

Putting this project together has been an incredible task. The anticipation of people receiving it and actually hearing what I’ve been working on for so hard and so long is quite intoxicating.

Some day, I’ll have to tell the story of putting this project together. You’ll all enjoy it!

UPDATE 14-Jan-2002: All ordered received by 14-Jan-2002 at 6:30pm have been shipped!

Click Read More to see some pictures from the shipping process.

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