No Upgrade (Yet)!

I’ve decided to wait to upgrade this system to the latest release of Post-Nuke. The most recent release has not been very smooth, so we will not upgrade this site until some of the rough spots are smoothed out.

It is my expectation that installation of the new release will be transparent to users — that is, you won’t notice that anything has changed as you’re using the system.

One thing that will change is that the new system has a more robust user permissions system. Therefore, it will be to your benefit to sign up for a FREE account here at DrewVogel.COM in order to use the new features.

During the upgrade, I am also considering upgrading our forums at the same time to be more integrated with the system. As it stands now, you have to sign in twice to use the forums — once on DrewVogel.COM and again within the forums. I think that’s inefficient.

If I’m able to find a forum that is integrated within Post-Nuke, I will install and use that since the current implementation has fallen somewhat stagnent.

As usual, if you notice anything strange, please let me know!

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