OTR Taft Show & Lostee Gathering

I didn’t know whether to do this or not…but what the heck…my thoughts on this past weekend (now that I have a moment to catch my breath).

I must say first of all that, despite how excited I was to do the weekend, I was more than a wee bit
nervous about meeting everybody. You see, sometimes I’m a bit awkward and a little bit bashful and
withdrawn in crowds of people, especially if I don’t know everyone that well. That’s why I went ahead
and stayed at a hotel. Sort of a retreat, if needed.

I arrived at the Taft nervous but excited about looking for people that I’d never seen before. I knew
it wouldn’t be difficult however. Find the corset and you find the crowd! Pre-show introductions were
actually a very pleasant foreshadowing of what was to come. I expected Drew, Don and David A to be
polite and cordial. Instead they were downright warm and friendly. It was also great to finally meet
Jan and Fran. I just wish I had more time to chat with you Jan dear. Fortunately David, Nikki and
Liesel made it down with no problems at all…Oh, wait…that’s not quite how it happened, huh? Of
course meeting the stunning Ms. Tarquini was the whipped cream on the apple pie!

Erin McKeown! I’m a fan. Was she more like Frente with a jazz trip or Dave Matthews with an estrogen
trip? I dunno, but I like her. And I’m still slapping myself for forgetting to buy her cd. The Millers – a bit disappointing. I really like Julie by herself, but together they were a bit to honky tonk for my taste. And why was he so frikkin’ loud? I did dig it when she settled down and did “Broken Things”. OtR – I must say, it was not the best OtR show I’ve seen. I agree with whoever said that Karin seemed a bit sad. Understandable. There a couple of times, though, when I think that actually worked for her. My favorite moments were ‘I Radio Heaven’, the first of the new Christmas songs, and ‘Helpless’ (even though I don’t particularly care for Neil Young.) Linford – work on those lyrics to JV, buddy!

Kudos to Bruce for taking it upon himself to shepherd us out of town folks to Unos for a very swell
time. I actually ate pizza with my $12 sprite with no negative consequences. The introductions began.
Puzzle pieces were put together. It was great walking and talking with Anita and her friend. Scott – I was secretly pleased when I said “I’m Kelvin” and you said “Bailey?” Steve and Jay, thanks for taking the initiative to introduce yourselves. You are both groovy cats! For a while I thought it would be a great idea to do the ’round the table introduction’ thing. I appreciate those who made it happen.

Brunch at Drews was a riot – Mormons and all. Kudos to Drew for offering his home and treating us like honored guests.

Let me just say this to the new folks on the list. I remember well being new and feeling very much like a fifth wheel. Up until Friday night – over 2 years after my first post – I still wondered if, despite the acceptance I felt on the list, I would really feel like a part of things when I met this motley crew in person. Trust me. No one was an “outsider”. No one was too weird, to straightlaced, too ANYTHING to be embraced by the folks I met. It seemed that everyone was just as glad to see and hang with relative newcomers such as Dan and Liesel as they were with those who seem to be pre-existant. (Don is truly amazing, and surprisingly down to earth for such a Dr. Smart Man.)

After pictures were taken, goodbyes were said, I walked back to my car a very happy man. (Would have
been so even without the lovely serenade!)

Matt, Fred, Jessyka, Rhys…your absences were dark spots on an otherwise floursescent weekend.

Anyway…why am I rambling…does anyone care? I just had an amazing weekend. I discovered that most
risks are worth taking. (I may take more in the near future.)

All in all, the actual concert seems a bit overshadowed by the lostee-gathering-organism.

Nuff said


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