Another system upgrade, this one easier…

Another system upgrade caused me to reboot the system today, after 12+ days of uptime.

I upgraded the Apache server, the kernel (the core of the operating system), the mail handler and assorted tools, the mail reader, some modules for the new Apache, and a few security fixes to some other files.

THIS time, I remembered to adjust my LILO links before I rebooted, so it was a very painless process.

In addition to the upgrades indicated above, I also switch some hard drive settings that nearly doubled the speed of the hard drives. Users should notice a speed increase when using the system, since drive time has, effectively, been taken out of the equasion.

As always, if you notice anything unusual while you’re using the system, please let me know.

UPDATE 05-Dec-2001: Updated to 1.2.4 of the Photo Gallery software we use.

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