System Upgrades & Other News

Since the price of memory is so cheap, I added 256 more megs to my development machine, giving it a total of 512 megs of memory. This machine (running the server) doesn’t need any more memory, but I may throw 256 more megs into it. Eventually, the server system will get a new 60-gig hard drive (about $200) to replace the existing 6-gig drive, and eliminate, hopefully for a long time, our storage headaches.

On October 18, 2001, we will be doing the main physical move of all our stuff to the new house. Since we’ve been working on the house, we averaged remodelling about 1 room per night. The only things left to be completed are the kitchen (we’re having some drywall repaired), and the actual putting away of things!

Bear with us as we continue this move-in process… Once we’re in, it will be smoother running on DrewVogel.COM!

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